Blazed, 25-year-old, aspiring woodcarver/sculptor, and Texas transplant living in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
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rub my stank feet

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lordearlgray said: Lupin wearing stupid masks to rob places and making everyone else wear them too is my new favorite thing.

Lupin and Jigen are Neptune and Uranus, Goemon is Mars. 

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who wants to rob a bank with me


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Rory Scovel

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I was walking home in Bushwick and this dad and his kid were both walking their pit bull, the dad had the main leash and kid had A LITTLE BABY LEASH AND THEY WERE WALKING IT TOGETHER IT WAS SO CUTE AND THE DOG WAS CUTE AND JUST EVERYTHING WAS CUTE

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My mattress is so bad that I desperately want to take a nap but I’m procrastinating on the nap because of the mattress lmao sobs

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Guy on Scooter Races His Macaw Parrot

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