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Yo it’s fucking hot in this mcdonalds. Gonna try and waste an hour in a grocery store instead.

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me after the anaconda video

Imagine this as a plate tho

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Waiting to walk my last dog. Siiiiiiigh I just wanna go hooome.

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Poor Goemon would hate April fools day with such a passion poor baby hahaaa

He’d probably lock himself in a dark room and meditate and not leave for 24 hours. THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS FRIENDS ON APRIL FOOLS DAY.

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Wanna go home wanna go home feet hurt feet hurt

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Anonymous said: Just imagine Goemon finding a regular comic book and then starting to read it right-to-left because that's how the comics are read and then wondering why the story doesn't make any sense.

Holy shit that’s something he’d totally do oh my god.

Jigen and Lupin would just keep quiet for shits and giggles.

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digimomz said: UH hurts your brain how???

It’s basically turning a comedy cartoon that usually has plots surrounding heists and mysteries into a unsettling HP Lovecraft examination of the fictional condition.


IDK, watch it and feel your brain contort in attempt to understand what you’re watching.

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digimomz said: so would you recommend it??

If you’re up for a challenging movie that hurts your brain, go for it. 

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Anonymous said: i saw today the Green vs. Red and holy shit it was a trippy experience

Movie’s fuckin weird it’s probably one of the weirdest anime movies I’ve ever seen and that’s saying a LOT.

Like…. a LOT….. because there’s a lot of weird shit out there. 

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Ok bedtime

I want the weekend i refuse to do jack shit

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