Blazed, 25-year-old, aspiring woodcarver/sculptor, and Texas transplant living in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
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i was gonna organize my shit but then i realized i don’t have enough file folders

uuugh random paper debris why

Scrolling through cute pics of my otp
- Me: Oh my god
- Me: Shut up
- Me: stOP
- Me: Yeah
- Me: Mmmyeah good
- Me: Good
- Me: Oh my god
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- Me trying to express how I feel: Idk I just feel like...idk...idk man. Nvm I'm good.
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I want these hexagonal ikea mirrors with a ferocious passion

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Gonna micro organize my room, it’s been a while.

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Two days off finallyyyyyyy

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the “you live with your parents” insult is really flaccid because a metric shitton of cultures don’t see “leave the house forever” as some grandiose moment of liberation that’s so important to the development of a person that it has to happen as fast as possible. until i came…

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shocking content !

Shen Shaomin’s Beautiful And Terrifying Bone Sculptures

Bones automatically insinuate death, and often are the only physical remnant that insinuates life once existed. Shen Shaomin‘s bone works are equal parts terrifying and fascinating, man-made memorials to human intervention on the planet. Creatures that never have been or should be are pieced together from human and animal skeletons. The bones are carved and relief-carved with text taken from several sources, including the Bible, the Koran, and various sources. Inscribed in English, Arabic, and Chinese, the texts serve as warnings to the two largest industrial nations in the world of the damage being caused to the planet.

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